IRS and Voluntary Classification Settlement Program

The IRS is gunning for you if you still use Independent contractors. The number of audits are increasing and they go back 6 years. You're twice as likely to get the audit if you have had over $100,000 in revenue. Unfortunately, almost all limo companies can not meet the 20 point criteria in the IRS CODE. The Department of Labor has hooked up with … [Read more...]

Six Simple Money Saving Tips

Don't take deposits unless absolutely necessary. It is just as easy to get the full payment upfront if ASKED FOR. Assume the payment as the sale. Say "which credit card would you like to use? Get info, and give confirmation number quickly. Take the booking manually and don't waste time with data entry- do it later. Just like buying an airline … [Read more...]

Holiday Light Tours…What Are You Waiting For?

If your not aggressively booking limo holiday tours right now, you are missing out on a lot of revenue. Limopreneur is going to share some proven methods that will help you right now. Don't procrastinate. Get going NOW! Place an ad in the neighborhood papers as often as permitted. Run the ad in the main newspaper in your area in Sunday main news … [Read more...]

Capitalizing on the Quinceanera Events in Your Market

  Quinceaneras only happen once in a young Hispanic lady's life and most want a big stretch limo to celebrate. This is great incremental business for the LIMOPRENEUR to pursue. These occasions are usually 3-4 hour bookings on Saturday afternoons with Daddy paying cash. Advertise in the Hispanic newspapers, radio, and cable TV. Many times … [Read more...]