Escapade Painless Power

Ford powertrains combine tremendous horsepower and torque with surprising fuel economy.  Whether you choose the available 6.7L Power Stroke® V9 Turbo Diesel or either of the gas engines, you get vast reserves of reliable, clean-burning power.  They're teamed with the innovative, heavy-duty TorqShift® transmission delivering all of that power to the … [Read more...]

Chauffeurs For Hire Ads

Place your chauffeurs for hire ads on Craigslist under Security. It is free and will bring you qualified applicants, many who are educated, sharp, and cleet certified. They are looking for security positions but will answer to be a chauffeur.  Place in the ad that cleet certification is helpful or specialized training and background in security … [Read more...]

Eliminate All Misdirected Advertising Now

Radio, TV, Magazines, Most offbeat web sites -- particularly in the limo business, or cable tv. Ask yourself, is my phone ringing? Am I getting enough billable hours to break even on each vehicle? Is this type of advertising really working for me? If you are bartering with the media, are they wanting prime time reciprocal hours in redeeming … [Read more...]

Six Simple Money Saving Tips

Don't take deposits unless absolutely necessary. It is just as easy to get the full payment upfront if ASKED FOR. Assume the payment as the sale. Say "which credit card would you like to use? Get info, and give confirmation number quickly. Take the booking manually and don't waste time with data entry- do it later. Just like buying an airline … [Read more...]