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Owners Helping OwnersGreetings,

I’m Charles “Chuck” Cotton, owner and founder of Limopreneur (1998) and Vip Limo (1991) based in Oklahoma.

Charles CottonWe are expanding LIMOPRENEUR into a premier sales and marketing arm for ground surface transportation in the travel and entertainment industry. I’m inviting you to subscribe for free to the NEW “Limopreneur Letter”.  Now, what can you expect and count on by subscribing to the Limopreneur Letter?

Focused areas will include sales, marketing, manufacturers, coachbuilders, finance, chauffeur management, level management, government regulations, legal, accounting, vehicle maintenance, dealers, brokers, vendors, consultants, ad agencies, booking services, search engines, internet reservation companies, hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.

The Limopreneur Letter will be a hard hitting platform for open candid, pertinent information, and industry analyzation.  Concerns, issues, opportunities, will be primary discussion points.  Solid, unbiased information will put you on the cutting edge in your market.


Why the generous offer?
In joining us in our “CELEBRATION 21” promotion, we wish to thank our world-wide affiliates and the industry for helping us achieve 21 years of consecutive revenue growth and hosting our Oklahoma customers throughout their travels.   Our passion for the industry warrants a free subscription for you, all supported by advertisers and vendors.

The Limopreneur Letter will save you thousands of dollars.  Bigger savings will not cross your desk.  In this information age, knowledge is profit.  Get the facts, advice, and inspiration to grow.

We hope you join today.  It’s free.

The Limopreneur Letter will provide you:

  • Monthly “The LIMOPRENEUR Letter” with your free subscription.
  • Periodic blogs, confidential intelligence briefings, posts all e-blasted.
  • Expert advice and solid unbiased information
  • Anonymous secured tip line
  • Limousine industry analysis and local, regional and national market insights
  • Hot Line for emergency consultation
  • Controversial topics that the industry doesn’t openly discuss
  • Money saving tips to boost your bottom line
  •  You’ll receive access to the growing archive of articles on the LIMOPRENEUR web site.