I’m Charles “Chuck” Cotton, owner and founder of Vip Limo (1991) and Limopreneur (1998) based in Oklahoma.  All my company and business operations are merged into Cotton Enterprises, inc.

Charles CottonWe are expanding LIMOPRENEUR and VIP Transport Affiliates into a premier sales and marketing arm for ground surface transportation to the travel and entertainment industry with emphasis on local transport.

The private chauffer vehicle service have grown at a rapid rate in recent years and the industry is worth $61 billion dollars and projected to reach an estimated $220 billion in 2025 (Business Traveler).

Much of this growth is due to “black market”, unregulated rideshare operations with no operating authority.  Soon, this bubble will burst and opportunities for companies like VIP who are compliant with USDOT permits and operating authority will skyrocket.  America is demanding safe travel and vehicles with compliant chauffeurs.  Unregulated companies can not operate in a regulated industry.  All VIP transport affiliates will be compliant and vetted.  Passengers will be transported with safe vehicles and chauffeurs.

We believe this home based business opportunity may be just what you and us are looking for in your becoming a VIP Transport Affiliate (official name) and a limopreneur.  We believe this lifetime opportunity will become much extra income for your family and retirement.  However, we point out there is no guarantee, and the risk of loss could happen.  Those, however, who do commit and work diligently will likely succeed with the mission overall if accepted.