Limopreneur Staff

President  and Co-Founder
His undergraduate and graduate work in Safety  and Driver Education at Southern Illinois University, which has a world class department in this field, enabled him to develop a premiere limousine and safety education program. Further, his vast experience as a businessman has enabled him to spearhead  LIMOPRENEUR as well as his  Oklahoma based VIP Transport Affiliates. He is the CEO of all operations.

Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder
She received her college education from University of Tulsa and recently retired from teaching. She helped pioneer and develop the local VIP Limousine service in Oklahoma and has 25 years of ‘on hands’ experience in the business in all phases. She serves as a principal instructor in the LIMOPRENEUR training school.  She is the wife of Charles.

Senior Vice-President and Co-Founder
Her responsibilities focus on the sales and marketing functions with over 20 years in the special occasions limo market. She assisted her parents, Charles and Joan in the start up phase of their limousine business 30 years ago and supplemented her college expenses at University of Tulsa. After school, she worked for five years with Charles on a full time basis in Tulsa and moved to Norman and  developed  the Oklahoma City market. Stephanie received her Master’s Degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Oklahoma. She serves as a principal instructor in the LIMOPRENEUR training school.

Vice-President and Manager
His responsibilities focus on all logistical operations and  is a primary instructor in the training school.  He is recognized as a top chauffeur and will assist in the limousine driver education classes.

His main responsibility is the co-ordinator of the fleet maintenance and the chauffeurs. He has over 23 years experience and is a  honor graduate of the world class SPARTAN School of Aeronautics. He is a flight instructor and a master limousine chauffeur. He serves as an instructor in the training school.

Vice-President and  Chief of  Security Operations
He is responsible for all security operations including high profile celebrities and executives who use chauffeured transportation. He also conducts security  training classes for chauffeurs . He also is a driving instructor in the training school.  He is retired military special forces officer with a tour in Vietnam and two tours in Iraq.

Wes serves as guest instructor in the training school. He was the National Limousine Chauffeur of the year (ITLA) in 1998 and was honored nationally. He has assisted the Cotton family from the beginning and is the chief master chauffeur.