Limo Attitudes

I have shared my creed with hundreds over the past 20 years. Owners are always searching for new creeds which is essential to their progress. These maxims are not to enlighten you, but they will guide and direct you to reach your maximum potential. I am going to share just a few with you in each issue of Limopreneur, more of my maxims and hopefully, some of yours will help each owner.

  • The first characteristic a Limopreneur must have is a tremendous desire to excel. He must have the belief and desire to do something better than anyone else–to the best who ever lived.
  • A good competitor never underestimates his opponent.
  • Give your company the best you have, and the best will come back to you.
  • Play Hard, Play Tough, Play Rough, but, Play Clean.
  • Keep on your toes and you won’t get caught flat footed.
  • If a break goes against you, turn on the steam.
  • The super Pro is the one who can dig until he is dead tired, then he can dig some more.
  • When you’re through improving, you’re through.
  • Why Gripe? FIGHT!
  • Don’t get beat–It’s an Awful Feeling


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