Online Reservation Scams

limo scams

The Federal Trade Commission “Watchdogs” are cracking down on online booking/reservation scammers who mislead and make false claims, deceptive advertising, misstatements, and outright falsehoods, thus inducing the public to give them their credit card and hopefully find a local company to do the booking who may be licensed or not. Some of these illegal companies are well financed and some operate out their bedroom with nothing but a computer.

Licensed companies should turn away these scammers. Owners know their business. We are the firing line every day and our risks are incredible. Why let these scammers take your money when they have no investment or fleet. They want you to spend thousands of dollars for buying keywords or so called clicks or pay them for words, referrals,and leads they share with others in your market (all insane), that all promise you a phone call and maybe a booking and at that, they sit on your money and it is difficult to get paid..Just say no to them. We don’t need them or need to feed them. Good riddance to all of them. Remember, the owners control their market.


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