Capitalizing on the Quinceanera Events in Your Market


Quinceanera LimoQuinceaneras only happen once in a young Hispanic lady’s life and most want a big stretch limo to celebrate. This is great incremental business for the LIMOPRENEUR to pursue. These occasions are usually 3-4 hour bookings on Saturday afternoons with Daddy paying cash. Advertise in the Hispanic newspapers, radio, and cable TV. Many times the media will barter or trade out for limo time. Also, print up a Quince brochure and distribute at the churches and event centers. It is best to have a parent ride along.

Make sure if they book a 14 passenger limo that it is clear only 14 are allowed in because usually the numbers will swell when the chauffeur arrives. Always quote the gratuity in the price and advise the chauffuer accordingly. Daddy only wants one price.

Most of the time, the family wants to come and see the limo and will have the full amount of cash with them. The close is easy if they like you and your limo. Always remember it is imperative to have the viewing limos detailed and sparkly. If not, they won’t book with you because they think that is what they will get on this most important day for the 15 year old daughter.

Don’t shy away from this market-high yield bookings, low mileage/billable hour and no discounts necessary. Great money jobs!

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