Whistle Blower

whistle blower

It is reported that over 40% of the ground surface transportation operators are illegal with no permits, improper insurance, using unlicensed chauffeurs, unsafe vehicles, and taking the public’s money illegally and placing them in harm’s way. It is the most dominant safety and fraud problem the United States has. The industry is a multibillion dollar industry, and millions of dollars are fleeced from the public daily by the criminal operators and chauffeurs. When there is an accident, death or injury, the insurance company will not pay off because they say they were defrauded in the application and it is a felony to defraud an insurance company but it happens with these slick criminal operators. The bus accidents and deaths just the past three years were all found to be violating the laws, let alone the limo accidents who mostly don’t get reported to FMSCA.

Yes it’s time to BLOW THE WHISTLE and WAKE UP CONGRESS. Our government is mandated to protect the public. Organizations such as Limopreneur and the National Limousine Association are willing to help Congress update the antiquated laws and get the criminal off the street once and for all. The FAA does a great job in regulating the airline industry. Just imagine this–you wouldn’t go up in a home made airplane with an unlicensed pilot, would you? Of course not, but you do with an unsafe, unlicensed vehicle carrier with an unlicensed Chauffuer. Our industry is regulated but poorly enforced. Why? Our government and the public are just not aware of the severity of the problem.

Join us in ridding the streets of these criminal operators and scammers.  It is our mission to report these people to the authorities and “BLOW THE WHISTLE”,   EDUCATE AMERICA and Protect the Limo Industry.

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