Eliminate All Misdirected Advertising Now

eliminate misdirected advertising

Radio, TV, Magazines, Most offbeat web sites — particularly in the limo business, or cable tv.

Ask yourself, is my phone ringing? Am I getting enough billable hours to break even on each vehicle? Is this type of advertising really working for me? If you are bartering with the media, are they wanting prime time reciprocal hours in redeeming their trade(most do)(much more on bartering in next issue)? Ask yourself bluntly, am I making real money on such advertising. If not, then, you have fallen into the misdirected advertising pit. Your hard earned dollars going into a slick salesman’s pocket and his media company. Stop It Now! You will see significant dollars on your bottom line.

Here’s what you can do NOW all FREE!!!!!!!!!


Write special occasions news releases covering why take a limo to celebrate, the mystique of the limo (that is what you really sell), do live local tv shows with interviews in the limo and then have promotional Holiday Light Tours, Parties, and New Year’s Eve. Give away a few 2hr light tours and have the TV host promote and you a free commercial or plug in.

Hook up with radio station’s live remote and broadcast from the roaming limo with a Santa. This is an awesome promotion.

Do “Show n Tells” in off peak time at malls, High traffic holiday areas especially on Sunday afternoon.

Barter with a printer and handout out Holiday brochures as well as placing them throughout affluent traffic areas, on company bulletin boards and churches featuring a 10% discount or a special offer. Offer a business a one hour tour free for permitting you to place brochures on their check out counter. Keep the Holiday brochures in stock constantly is the key.

This Holiday Limo Blitz campaign will bring you new business and save you dollars.

No cash expenditure for you!!

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