Escapade Painless Power

Ford powertrains combine tremendous horsepower and torque with surprising fuel economy.  Whether you choose the available 6.7L Power Stroke® V9 Turbo Diesel or either of the gas engines, you get vast reserves of reliable, clean-burning power.  They're teamed with the innovative, heavy-duty TorqShift® transmission delivering all of that power to the … [Read more...]

Whistle Blower

It is reported that over 40% of the ground surface transportation operators are illegal with no permits, improper insurance, using unlicensed chauffeurs, unsafe vehicles, and taking the public's money illegally and placing them in harm's way. It is the most dominant safety and fraud problem the United States has. The industry is a multibillion … [Read more...]

Breaking News IRS Sec 179

The administration has extended IRS Sec 179 deduction for 2020 tax year with a cap of $5,000,000. This means you can expense new and used limousine purchases and equipment up to 100% of the purchase price to a cap of $5,000,000 this year. Develop a new business plan, update your financials along with your 2019 IRS return and financing will be … [Read more...]

Chauffeur Compensation

With all the exposure out there from IRS/DOL regarding tips, overtime, workmen's comp, etc., perhaps the best policy for you is to delete the words tips and gratuities from all your advertising and phone sales pitches entirely out of your company. Pay an hourly wage to the chauffeur that ranges from $12-22/hr (set up scale).  You give a inclusive … [Read more...]

Online Reservation Scams

The Federal Trade Commission "Watchdogs" are cracking down on online booking/reservation scammers who mislead and make false claims, deceptive advertising, misstatements, and outright falsehoods, thus inducing the public to give them their credit card and hopefully find a local company to do the booking who may be licensed or not. Some of these … [Read more...]

Chauffeurs For Hire Ads

Place your chauffeurs for hire ads on Craigslist under Security. It is free and will bring you qualified applicants, many who are educated, sharp, and cleet certified. They are looking for security positions but will answer to be a chauffeur.  Place in the ad that cleet certification is helpful or specialized training and background in security … [Read more...]

Chuck’s Quacks

It is necessary to have positive mental health qualities to survive in the limo business. To enhance and stimulate such PMH qualities,a LIMOPRENEUR needs to have Fun, Laughter, Smiles, Chuckles and Humor. "Chuck's Quacks", a cartoon series featuring Chuck as he is known as the perpetual optimist. The first cartoon clearly describes him and of … [Read more...]

Eliminate All Misdirected Advertising Now

Radio, TV, Magazines, Most offbeat web sites -- particularly in the limo business, or cable tv. Ask yourself, is my phone ringing? Am I getting enough billable hours to break even on each vehicle? Is this type of advertising really working for me? If you are bartering with the media, are they wanting prime time reciprocal hours in redeeming … [Read more...]

Limo Attitudes

I have shared my creed with hundreds over the past 20 years. Owners are always searching for new creeds which is essential to their progress. These maxims are not to enlighten you, but they will guide and direct you to reach your maximum potential. I am going to share just a few with you in each issue of Limopreneur, more of my maxims and … [Read more...]

IRS and Voluntary Classification Settlement Program

The IRS is gunning for you if you still use Independent contractors. The number of audits are increasing and they go back 6 years. You're twice as likely to get the audit if you have had over $100,000 in revenue. Unfortunately, almost all limo companies can not meet the 20 point criteria in the IRS CODE. The Department of Labor has hooked up with … [Read more...]